Friday, February 21, 2014

Life Is All About Range by Jane Pastore Coleman

This book was acquired free from the author in exchange for a review.

Life Is All About Range is a book about the author, Jane, who leaves city life to live with a man, Bob, she has fallen in love with. Bob lives in a totally opposite environment - he is out in the country. This book is about Jane's adventures, and how she had to get used to living her new lifestyle.

I feel this book is incorrectly labeled. On the front, it states "How to Replace Your Fears with Knowledge and Skills", and on the back, it is categorized as "Self Improvement", but this does not have these attributes.

The whole book is a personal account of the author's experiences and how she had to face her fears. It does not give the reader any advice. Is the reader supposed to derive self-improvement by reading about experiences, some of which talk about specific places in the country? Is reading about Triple Creek Ranch going to help someone face their fears? It may seem like nitpicking to criticize the subtitle, but that is what the book is supposed to be about. It should be renamed to "How to Adjust to Country Life from the City", which would definitely be more appropriate.

The book is written well, with very few errors. Sometimes historic events are talked about; these are described interestingly so they do not seem like simple boring facts. Throughout the book there are pictures, which help give a better feeling about what is being talked about.

It is interesting reading how Jane gets use to as a totally different lifestyle, as it is also unfamiliar to me. There are many things that can be learned from her experiences. It seems that although Jane has a hard time adjusting, she overall enjoys her new experiences.

Life Is All About Range is a book for someone who would like to learn more about the country lifestyle. It is not for someone who is looking for self improvement, unless they can acquire it by reading about someone's new lifestyle. It is a mildly interesting read, but make sure you are reading it for the right purpose.

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