Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Susu Pals by Richa Jha

This book was acquired free from the author in exchange for a review.

The Susu Pals is a children's book about two friends that (literally) do everything together, but are separated when one of them befriends a new neighbor. They must deal with their days without the friendship of the other.

First and foremost, this book will have limited appeal based on the location it is read. Simply put, being in United States, I nor anyone I know of would read this to a child. The word "susu" means to urinate. The girls in this story match their underwear and go to the bathroom together, which is not normal in the country I live in. I understand that in India it may be accepted, but I am writing from my own standpoint in my own country.

The story is your usual cute story - the art is wonderfully done and there are many small things in each picture that children may have fun looking at. The text is easy to read and the font is appealing to the eye. Everything is so colorful, yet the story can seem depressing even with all the colors.

The Susu Pals is a nice colorful book, but with the limited appeal of the idea of sharing a toilet with your best friend, it may be best for only families whose culture accepts this practice.

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