Monday, February 17, 2014

Living Large on Less: A Guide to Saving Without Sacrifice by Christina Spence

Living Large on Less: A Guide to Saving Without Sacrifice shows you a variety of ways to reduce the costs based off your style of living. It seems that the whole book was tailored to how the author lives and basically nothing else. Also, it suggests that in order to save money on many things you have many friends ready to exchange things such as food and other possessions.

This book could have been much shorter. It does show you briefly on how to create a budget plan and stick with it, and it does detail on the much more important expenses in one's life (such as deciding whether to rent or purchase a house or choosing a 401k or an IRA). For the rest of the book though, it gives a bunch of random tips. At the end of the book, all of these tips are listed in about six pages. This means that after you have read the whole book, you get a much briefer version of the same exact material!

This book is suggested for individuals who are trying to begin a frugal lifestyle. It does not give the best hints, and many important ones are missing.

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